Soul Work Now Offers Mediation

Growing numbers of couples and families are using Mediation to resolve issues of pre and post decree divorces.  Here are a few examples of the issues that bring people to mediation:

Pre decree: A couple agree on most issues but may be stuck on one or more topics:

What to do with cabin
Which school the children will attend
Who […]

Benefits of Therapy

The benefits of therapy and counseling have been demonstrated by numerous research studies. People who feel depressed may find their mood lifted. Others no longer feel afraid, angry, or anxious. Therapy and counseling provides an opportunity to talk through their feelings and concerns until problems are resolved. Some of the benefits our clients have experienced […]

DivorceCare Group

Divorce and separation can be one of the most painful experiences that someone faces. For many, it’s a time of questions, confusion, and even loneliness. Utilizing the DivorceCare curriculum, Soul Work Counseling provides a supportive environment where those that are hurting can seek answers, find healing, and rediscover hope. DivorceCare is a proven...