Michelle Clark, MA, LMFT

michelle_clark_bio_picAre you experiencing indecision, high stress, tension? Are you engaged in an unhealthy relationship or experiencing marital conflicts? Do you feel overwhelmed with depression, anxiety or suffer from PTSD? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then call Optimistic Living Counseling where help & healing begins. Our entire staff is devoted to helping you live the life you have always wanted. We are committed to providing the highest quality care in a fun, safe, professional environment where we minimize the psychobabble and focus on practical strategies to help you live better.

Optimistic Living Counseling is committed to building a healthy communities and improve the quality of life for individuals, couples and families. We achieve this by providing you with quality and affordable mental health intervention and prevention services delivered with care and respect through a network of highly qualified professional clinicians.

Our mission is to accompany you during life’s hills and valleys, inspiring change, using encouragement, validation and truth. We will help you by creating an atmosphere of acceptance, healing and peace so you can live optimistically as you seek out understanding and personal growth.

Call for an appointment today – (763) 497-0733 x101 or email at Michelle.Clark@optimisticliving.com. I look forward to helping you achieve the life you really deserve.

Brian Clark, MA

brian_clarkBrian has experienced many stressors in his life, from job loss that leads to a financial strain. Having a positive attitude and a never give up mentality has always been a strong point for him. Brian uses a keen sense of personal perspective and humor to work through difficult issues. He will bring out a positive and enlightening perspective in any tough situation.

Having worked in construction, as a youth pastor, a business professional, and in the law enforcement and security industry Brian has experienced numerous stressors. He knows all too well that no matter the occupation, the person maybe experiencing something that others may not understand.

Brian’s focus is on working with families of law enforcement and the military, however he is open to work with anyone who needs to have a voice for them. Everyone deals with stress and anxiety in their own way. A little encouragement goes a long way with anyone who needs it. So “Are you willing to let go of who you should be in order to be who you are?” Because “Successful people do things that unsuccessful people do not like to do!”

Call for an appointment today – (763) 497-0733 x102 or email Brian.Clark@Optimisticliving.com.