Janet K. Schlegel, MA, LMFT

Founder and Approved Supervisor for AAMFT & LPCC

img_janet_bio_picI take a no nonsense approach to therapy and use razor sharp precision to get to the core issues. I have a solution focused approach and use techniques that produce quick and lasting change.

My specialties include sexual abuse, couples and marriage counseling, addiction recovery, anxiety and depression and a new specialty in grief counseling after having experienced the unexpected death of my son at age 25 when he was hit as a pedestrian by a motor vehicle in 2009. My real passion is to help anyone heal from a memory that feels like a porcupine quill each time you think about it.

I am certified in EMDR and NeuroLinguistic Programming. Both of these modes of therapy use exercises that engage both sides of your brain to change more quickly and effectively than traditional “talk therapy”. I have experienced the quick and lasting effects personally.

I am also an advice columnist for Women’s Voices Magazine in the Life section. You can find my column Dear Janet  here http://www.womensvoicesmagazine.com/life-section/ Feel free to send me a question!

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Marriage & Family from Northwestern College in 2003 and Masters Degree in Adlerian Psychotherapy from Adler Graduate School in 2005. I am AAMFT Board approved Clinical Supervisor for LMFT and MN approved for Licensed Psychological Clinical Counselors.

Call for an appointment today – 763-746-0844 or email me at Janet@SoulWorkCounseling.com I look forward to helping you achieve the life you really deserve.

Ingrid Serck-Hanssen, MS, MBA, LPCC

Ingrid-bio-picture-640x360Do you want to learn new tools to cope with stress and anxiety? Do you want to increase your awareness of emotional triggers and learn to manage anxiety, anger, grief and depression? Do you want to solve relationship problems? My specialty is facilitating a change process. Together we will work to discover solutions while you achieve results step by step. You will feel better about yourself and enjoy improved relationships.

My specialties include anger management, couples and family counseling, anxiety and depression. I have experience with infertility, adoption, divorce and remarriage. As a result of my son’s experiences with adolescent mental health and addiction problem, I have first-hand understanding of the toll mental illness and addiction has on our loved ones.

I often use the Alpha Element Assessment to help my clients increase their awareness and appreciation of their innate gifts and to evoke solutions and creative strategies to adapt and motivate themselves and others. The Alpha Element program is interactive, engaging and based on active listening.

Please call me at 612-293-7035 for email me at Ingrid@SoulWorkCounseling.com to set up a free phone consultation.

Melissa Raatz, MSW, LGSW

melissa-raatz-bio-picMy personal journey through adoption, abuse, raising a child with mental health concerns, divorce, and remarriage have become the gifts I share though therapy. I have been a school Social Worker for 30 years and I enjoy working with children through adults and I believe the keys essential to reaching any goal depend on believing in ourselves and knowing that someone also believes in us.

My experience is in working with emotional dysregulation, anxiety, depression, selective mutism, trauma, oppositional behaviors, family change, loss and grief, parenting skills, adoption issues & trauma.

I am trained and/or certified in a wide variety of areas. Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Play Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Sand Tray, Mindfulness, Coaching, Breathwork, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Solution Focused therapy, Trauma Focused, Healing Touch, and Family Systems.

My alma mater: St. Scholastica, Bachelors 1989 St. Catherine/St. Thomas, Masters 2016

I have weekday and evening appointments available.

Please contact me at 763-242-3261

or email me at Melissa@SoulWorkCounseling.com

I look forward to helping you and your family!

Erica Gruidl, MA, LAMFT

Erica Gruidl bio pictureOvercoming difficulties leads to courage, self-respect, and knowing yourself.  Alfred Adler

I believe therapy is a three-legged stool with one leg representing the client, one leg representing the therapist, and one leg representing the Holy Spirit.  All three are integral to effective therapy.

I specialize in stress, anxiety, couples issues, family issues, depression, substance abuse, trauma, empty nest, fertility issues, spiritual issues, grief and loss, anger management, and abuse.

Through an integrated therapy approach I tailor my therapy to meet the needs of each individual client, couple, or family.  I am a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist.  I have worked at a Christian Addiction treatment facility for the past two years, providing Mental Health Counseling to clients and their families.  I have worked in the fields of parenting instruction, children and adolescent therapy, family and couples therapy, as well as individual therapy for mental health issues.  I am also a certified Prepare/Enrich counselor providing pre-marital counseling as well as enrichment for your marriage.

Contact me if you are ready for change in your life.  I am here to listen, encourage, find solutions, and provide the tools necessary to work through life.

Email Erica@SoulWorkCounseling.com or call (763) 308-4969

Kari Crupi, MA, LMFT

Kari Crupi photo
Who said change was easy? Walking into a therapist’s office is a very difficult thing to do. Therefore, I believe the therapeutic relationship is essential in creating an atmosphere where change can occur in a safe and respectful place. In my practice I focus on working with my clients to identify their goal areas as well as obstacles in the way of them meeting their full potential.
As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I work from a systemic approach; meaning I believe our experiences throughout life shape how we see the world and in return how it impacts our relationships. I take an active approach with my clients to encourage emotional growth
and improved relationships.
To schedule an appointment call 763-746-0891