Divorce/Family Mediation

Nancy-Staff-photo-225x300Mediation is a process where a neutral mediator assists clients in coming to a resolution of a conflict on their own.

  • A mediator acts as a neutral and does not take sides in any dispute.
  • A mediator facilitates discussion and encourages collaboration between the parties in order to assist them in determining how best to resolve the conflict.
  • Because the parties control the outcome, they are often more satisfied with the mediated resolution than a litigated settlement.
  • Once an agreement is mediated, a lawyer should be consulted to review the agreement and file the necessary papers to finalize the agreement legally.

I recognize the benefits of mediation and resolving whatever family disputes may arise. I provide mediation services to reconcile disputes in all areas of divorce, parenting time, child custody, and child support.

My training was done at the Hamline University Mediation Center. I have a very practical approach and will help facilitate negotiations and guide both parties to a mutual agreement. Please give me a call to set up a free consultation and find out if Mediation is right for you.
Nancy@Soulworktherapy.com or by phone 763-746-0891